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Frequently, infrequently, and “you should have asked” questions we often find need answered. So, in this case, call it a NTBAQ, Needs To Be Answered Questions, page.

Roll Off Guide

Before you call to rent a container, know what you can and cannot do.

  • You can fill the bin up to the fill line.
    • You CANNOT fill the bin above the fill line. The tarp must be able to smoothly and completely cover the load without any chance of getting caught on something.
  • You can fill the bin with anything that is generally considered by the landfill to be garbage.
    • You CANNOT put anything into the bin the landfill considers restricted items such as batteries, paint and chemicals, tires, or appliances.
  • You can have the bin placed just about anywhere a truck can go.
    • You CANNOT have the bin placed in a space that may have issues with height, width, or sinking or may restrict the truck from getting in and out, including turn radius.
    • You are also responsible for any permits needed such as permission to set the container on the road/street.
      • This includes up to two days after you make the call for having the bin picked up.
  • You are responsible for additional fees including landfill fees (see also what not to put into bins), $25 extra to Dolores or Mancos, and a fee for any additional trip (for emptying and replacing) at $25/15 additional miles.

Rental Checklists

While it should be a piece of cake to just rent a container and go, sometimes life gets hectic and we just need help to keep up with our plans. Here’s our bit of help for you.

When Scheduling


Make sure you have a place to put the roll off to begin with; no space to park makes renting one useless and you will need a permit if parking it on some roads or streets.


Estimate how large of a container you need; remember it is better to go for one larger than you need instead of smaller.


If you are using a contractor, double check with the contractor about the schedule. 

The Day of Renting


Make sure the area the truck will be traveling and the location of the drop is clear of large debris.


Be present and on time to accept the rental.


No, the drivers do not usually accept tips… though sometimes food or a cold drink is a good surprise.


Get to work. The bin is yours until you call for pick-up.

Rental Time

We all make mistakes. Just remember that some mistakes come with additional expenses. 


We know you know this, but watch everyone else: The landfill will not take certain items without additional fees such as paints and chemicals, tires, and appliances. If in doubt, call the landfill. Otherwise, just be careful. You don’t want the extra fees and we won’t eat them for you.


Watch the fill line (see picture). We cannot take an overfull bin. The tarp MUST be able to set down over the load without grabbing on to anything in the load.


Call if you find yourself in need of emptying the container. Remember there are additional mile fees to doing this. On the other hand, we cannot take an overfull bin. See above.


Call for pick-up when finished, keeping in mind that it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the pick-up to occur.

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